REACHING OUT Part One: Iron Sharpens Iron (with Fatal Appeal and Levi Deadman)

Unless you are Kali the 6 armed Hindu God you couldn’t possibly do all the things required of an artist striving for growth nowadays. You need to be a producer, engineer, writer, singer, rapper, photographer, choreographer, videographer…
You need marketing and promotion…
The list goes on and on.

Networking however is arguably the most important. People must know you to like you. These photos are a direct result of what networking can accomplish when two like-minded individuals find each other.

Fatal Appeal and Levi Deadman met through another artist, Salus Herb, who is also a member of hip hop music group Ideal Collective. Salus linked the two for Fatal’s podcast Fatal Overdose and they remained in contact since.

When opportunity arose and a creative spark ignited, the deadly duo, right out of the obituary, took to the woods to dig a shallow grave. The results speak volumes.

You do not have 6 arms. Face rejection. Face fear. Grow and network. Build a team. You can’t do it ALL yourself and that’s ok.