OFFICIAL RULES: Revenge of the Real Competition

*M.C may pick ANY instrumental they want and spit a 16 bar verse.

*The first entry will be aired on Beautiful Drunk Show episode 4 Season 3 05/30/2020 8pm.

*Once the entry is aired challengers have 48 hours to submit their challenge entries to:


*The FIRST bar of the challengers verse MUST be a direct wordplay scheme or rhyme pattern off of the LAST bar of the previous rapper’s entry.

*At the 48 hour deadline a winner will be chosen within 24 hours to begin the next round at which time challengers may begin submitting entries to qualify for the next 48 hr deadline.

*All round winners will be posted on Pound The Pavement FB, Pound The Pavement and the official REVENGE OF THE REAL COMPETITION FB page.

*This competition runs for 10 rounds OR until a 48 hour period passes without any entries submitted.

*For the final judgement each round winner gets played in a live stream or watch party in chronological order for PUBLIC to judge WHO is the REAL CHAMPION.

*(Challengers may submit as many entries as they want.)

*Champion receives a $750 value prize from Hampton Ink Inkorporated Designs as well as Mystery Prize from Chop Snake Clothing (See prize poster for details.)

Click here to watch BEAUTIFUL DRUNK SHOW👉 Round 1 👈

Go to 45 minute mark for Rd 1
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