Indy Rap Art Spotlight Artist: Levi Deadman “Tomorrow” Review

”Tomorrow” by Levi Deadman Review
By Bri Lamontagne

“Tomorrow” starts with a pace that is common in Levi Deadman’s songs, with the addition of repetitive background lyrics to match the steady beat. These lyrics act as the chorus of the song, which is more of an intro and outro, with the verse lyrics in between. The verse lyrics, which make up the majority of the song and lack the interruption of a chorus, are faster, but well enough enunciated that they are clearly understood.

While “Tomorrow” is explicit in the music-industry terminology, meaning it uses curse words that some people find inappropriate, the meaning of the lyrics is mostly shrouded in figurative language. It seems to be about how the American socio-political system is designed to keep people where they are in life, based on metaphors such as “the venison they fed us was injected” and “it’s just a new way to enslave”. The lyrics go on to describe the narrator’s struggle to overcome this systematic enslavement, particularly through writing and performing rap. The narrator even uses the double-entendre of “killing” a song versus “killing” a person to get this point across.

The chorus, through repetition, gets across the building anxiety of the song in its pace and lyrics. The lyrics relate to the song by saying “not today”, as in “they” won’t “enslave me today”, while the fast pace and the softer register of the words give the song a suspenseful vibe, almost as if the narrator is panting while he tries to escape “the system”.

I still don’t commonly listen to rap, but it helps when the songs are easy to understand, relatable, and short. The theme is definitely in various genres about working-class life, though in Country music the resistance is generally through partying during time away from work, rather than directly fighting the system. This song does start out pretty loudly, though, so be prepared for that when you add it to your next playlist.

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