Swishahouse Artist Highway Yella Receives Award for 50K Views on “Da South” Video with Q-Bizz

Yesterday was a rewarding day for Highway Yella who appeared on Live with Q-Bizz. Highway Yella received an award for hitting 50,000 views on the blazing fire new record “Da South.” It was an amazing vibe as Q-Bizz and Highway Yella celebrated the victory with unforgettable freestyle performances.

“Besides the chains on my neck, the features and shows I’ve been blessed to do I’ve never been rewarded for anything. My dawg Q-Bizz presented me with this for our song “Da South” for it reaching 50K on YouTube. This might don’t mean anything to y’all but it means the world to me. Soon 100K. Next come a million and gold and platinum plaques. They gone stop sleeping on me” said Highway Yella.

Check Out Q-Bizz & Highway Yella “Da South” featuring Era and DJ Testarosa. Directed by ThatsMyVisuals

#SwishaHouse #HighwayGang #Kentucky #Texas #NewWave #NextToBlow

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