MaxMilly is in His Own Lane

After the drop of a trailer for his long awaited second EP, Silent Hill, MaxMilly follows up with the music video for Lost, shot and directed by Joel Tristan (Infinite Media).

Having recently performed live as an opening act for Z-Ro, MaxMilly is keeping momentum by releasing this new visual. The video finds the San Marcos rapper roaming through the night as lyrics from Lost light up the screen.

“Well, the song is called Lost, so I’m looking for something in a positive way expressing my thoughts and how I’m feeling,” says MaxMilly.

The project itself is a dedication to his close friends Adrian Diaz, Carlos Ortega and Joe Anthony Lozano, as well as inspirations XXXtentacion, Juice Wrld, Corbin, Awax and Raz Simone.


“Give It Your All”- Mike C Da Champ Interview

What first got you into music?

Mike C Da Champ: I was raised around music. My dad and grandfather owned a record store. My mom and grandmother kept me in a church choir. So music was in my blood and in my future.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Mike C Da Champ: I have worked with many artists in this industry. I wish 2 Pac or Pimp C were still alive would definitely say either one of them, but since they aren’t T.I. or Jay Z.

What is one message you would like to give to your fans?

Mike C Da Champ: One message I would give my fans would be- “Never stop chasing your dream”. People are going to love or hate you. Whether you are chasing your dream or not.

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Mike C Da Champ: If I wasn’t doing music right now I would be coaching football. I’ve always had a love for sports. Mainly football. I played when I was younger and was pretty good.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Mike C Da Champ: Yes, honestly I think everyone sings in the shower. Last Two Dollars by Johnnie Taylor which is a blues song or Time Marches On by Tracy Lawerence which is a country song (laughs out loud.) Don’t judge me, I love music.

What’s next for you?

Mike C Da Champ: Next for Da Champ.  I’m currently working on a new album, “Resurrecting The Champ” and a joint project with Icewater Slaughter called ”OG Talk” and co-writing a country album.

SMGMT Lungz and Junior2Sav Release FEELINGS GET HURT prod. by JJRemix

After touching down in North West Arkansas (NWA,) Hafa Adai Media/ Signature Management music artist Lungz swiftly networked. Finding local creatives that would be interested in exploring opportunities in the indy music field was a priority.

Knowing that this region of Arkansas has major room for improvement in developing an actual Hip Hop scene only inspired Lungz even more, yet acquiring the talent and engineering skills of Junior2Sav from bEAtZwRAp Soundlab was an unforeseen blessing that caught Lungz by surprise.

“I knew I could find artists to develop but discovering Junior’s work on social media was a total win,” said Lungz, “…Junior already has a loyal following, talent and work ethic to back it.”

Lungz continued, “I had this concept. A custom beat by JJRemix… with a Paul Wall sample… JJ used the sample I suggested.. and it was banging like King Kong in the mother fu**in trunk. I knew Junior2Sav would be the perfect feature for the record. He had the most legit studio in the area as well. It was inevitable that we would create something. NWA has never experienced a song like this locally.”

Check out the song on You Tube below.

Visuals by MaxMillyArtworks

Swishahouse Artist Highway Yella Receives Award for 50K Views on “Da South” Video with Q-Bizz

Yesterday was a rewarding day for Highway Yella who appeared on Live with Q-Bizz. Highway Yella received an award for hitting 50,000 views on the blazing fire new record “Da South.” It was an amazing vibe as Q-Bizz and Highway Yella celebrated the victory with unforgettable freestyle performances.

“Besides the chains on my neck, the features and shows I’ve been blessed to do I’ve never been rewarded for anything. My dawg Q-Bizz presented me with this for our song “Da South” for it reaching 50K on YouTube. This might don’t mean anything to y’all but it means the world to me. Soon 100K. Next come a million and gold and platinum plaques. They gone stop sleeping on me” said Highway Yella.

Check Out Q-Bizz & Highway Yella “Da South” featuring Era and DJ Testarosa. Directed by ThatsMyVisuals

#SwishaHouse #HighwayGang #Kentucky #Texas #NewWave #NextToBlow

“I Know People Who Listen to Rap…” SPECIAL by IMABDA1 Review

“Special” by Imabda1 Review
by Bri Lamontagne

SPECIAL” by Imabda1 is more Hip Hop than Rap, considering it’s slower lyrical style. This is a love song, though the vocals are somewhat rough and out of harmony, unlike most popular music – a style more common in the Country genre. The lyrics are well-written with a varied vocabulary, though. As the song continues the synth beat that comes in adds the Hip Hop feel to the song. The verse lyrics also use repetition to emphasize line endings, especially ones that almost rhyme like the first word “behold” and “alone” or “you” and “lose”.

The chorus is more like traditional Rap music in style, though the lyrics are still more romantic more than traditional Rap songs which usually focus more on the physical aspect of the relationship than the emotional aspect. They’re fast, but still slow enough to be easily understood, which I enjoy. It’s so fast I almost miss some of the references to pop-culture in the mix, but they’re there if you listen through a few times in a row. There’s something new to focus on each time.

While the Rap genre isn’t known for it’s emotional love songs, it’s nice to see it shifting. People in every walk of life go through these kinds of feelings or relationships, so it’s nice to see it finally starting to be represented in Rap music. I’m also glad it’s acceptable in modern music for men in every genre of music to be openly vulnerable in this way.

It’s short and sweet and well worth a listen.

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