Learn To Rap (with Eminem)

Hip Hop is a culture that includes multiple elements. Rap music is often the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions they love hip hop. Learning how to rap seems to be effortless for some, yet challenging for others. Today we will share some tips, from rap god Eminem, on how you can begin to master this valuable skill.

A majority of listeners of rap who want to learn how to flow are between the ages of 13 and 25. Starting young can really give you an edge on the competition.

“First I was a fan of the music before I even thought about rapping, you know what I’m sayin… L.L. Cool J was the one who made me first start writing rhymes. And I was like, 12, 13 maybe.. and it sucked. You know, I wasn’t good, like I had to keep practicing and practicing and practicing..”

If you want to improve as a rap artist you have to consistently keep coming back to the craft. It’s okay to step away if necessary but you need to realize that the real results come from practicing regularly. Some people will tell you it’s a talent you are either born with or not, but here is Eminem telling you that’s not always the case.

“I gave it up for awhile then I picked it up again back when I was 15 and started being able to kinda put songs together… I was never really good at much else.. Once I figured out I was decent at something I just focused and went for it.”

Focusing means honing in on one specific subject and then, if distracted by something else, make a conscious decision to redirect your attention back to what you were originally focusing on.

“When I write my songs, the formula for how I write my songs is pretty simple… I write the verses and then sum up all the verses with a hook… but my delivery and the way I say things across the mic I make sure that is just perfect… I want to make sure everything is perfect so I can listen to my shit a million times and not find a flaw in it.”

Practice making complete songs. Building your vocabulary and learning which words rhyme together is a must, but take it a step further and study the structure of your favorite hit songs. Try to reproduce that same structure using your own style and lyrical content. Listen to your recordings and if you hear any flaws make the necessary changes.

“One day I got a call from my boy Proof and he was like ‘Yo you need to come up to The Hip Hop Shop… Yo just write something and come up here’ and Proof like, ran shit in Detroit…He started making connections and he met J. Dilla… when I went up to The Hip Hop Shop he was like ‘yo I’ll clear everybody out, I’ll have like ten people… you rap in front of them.. and if they don’t like you, they’re gonna tell you they don’t like you. If they do like you and they fuck with you, then you know…’”

Be open to meeting with people who have connections in the game. They can share valuable insight and experience. Mentors might have ideas on how you can improve or advance in the game. An example is how Eminem had Proof.

“So I went there, said the rap. I got some people jumpin around and shit and I was like: okay… That’s when we started having battles at The Hip Hop Shop. But every Saturday I would make sure I didn’t have to work cause I was going to The Hip Hop Shop… Proof was taking names and he was putting them in a hat… if you want to sign up to battle you put your name in a hat, he picks a name and he picks another name.. and I started battling and in The Hip Hop Shop the first battle we had there I won it.”

Although not every rap artist needs to take the path of battling, they should make time to attend events where they have opportunity for exposure and networking. In todays era that includes online events and social media. Live music venues, where artists in a genre similar to your own perform, are highly beneficial as well.

Every artist has their own path. The few simple words Eminem shared here are full of priceless gems for anyone wanting to learn. Subscribe to us here at IndyRapArt.com for more installments of Learn To Rap.

“I KNOW PEOPLE WHO LISTEN TO COUNTRY…” A Rap Veteran’s Reaction to T-SHIRT by Thomas Rhett

So Gabrielle throws me T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett and I’m like okay you are rehired. Although the name Thomas Rhett didn’t sound familiar the title of the song did. I already knew it was one I would enjoy writing about. Kind of old though is it not? The answer, being yes, only further proved the catch of this jingle. Within the fathoms of imagination in my brain mass I recreated a faint reach of performance of the melody.

Tee Shirt by Thomas Rhett can be summed up in one word: Punchy. The precision timing of the rhythm, which as organic as it sounds, could be considered as sampling and sequencing, is so damn punchy and masterfully engineered that I have got to call it… country-pop. (Some of us have a love hate for.. you know.. the word I just said.. country-pop.) Each simple loop delivers isolated energy that would keep a dancefloor jumpy and the record label getting money. You would be a dummy not to nod your head and tap your feet when this song breaks silence full blast, stark middle in the dread of a boring small-town day.

In the music video for T-Shirt on Vimeo, Thomas Rhett jams out in a traditional modern all white studio set with occasional green screened vintage filter background footage and glitch effects. Kicking his southern script on the mic, rocking a blazer and blue jeans, Mr. Thomas Rhett performs with positive fun confidence fitting for a song with lyrical content describing a hot encounter with a sexy woman.

Any real man, who has enjoyed the glow of a woman’s aura, her hair destroyed, basking in the comfort of one of his favorite tee shirts after being pleasurabley pummeled as the result of a pillow fight turned freaky, can relate to scenarios in this song. Although this hit is like 7 years old, and I would rather be discovering new records, if you are new to Thomas Rhett’s music, hearing the hooky single Tee Shirt could lure you in as a fan.

SMGMT Lungz and Junior2Sav Release FEELINGS GET HURT prod. by JJRemix

After touching down in North West Arkansas (NWA,) Hafa Adai Media/ Signature Management music artist Lungz swiftly networked. Finding local creatives that would be interested in exploring opportunities in the indy music field was a priority.

Knowing that this region of Arkansas has major room for improvement in developing an actual Hip Hop scene only inspired Lungz even more, yet acquiring the talent and engineering skills of Junior2Sav from bEAtZwRAp Soundlab was an unforeseen blessing that caught Lungz by surprise.

“I knew I could find artists to develop but discovering Junior’s work on social media was a total win,” said Lungz, “…Junior already has a loyal following, talent and work ethic to back it.”

Lungz continued, “I had this concept. A custom beat by JJRemix… with a Paul Wall sample… JJ used the sample I suggested.. and it was banging like King Kong in the mother fu**in trunk. I knew Junior2Sav would be the perfect feature for the record. He had the most legit studio in the area as well. It was inevitable that we would create something. NWA has never experienced a song like this locally.”

Check out the song on You Tube below.

Visuals by MaxMillyArtworks

“I Know People Who Listen to Rap…” SPECIAL by IMABDA1 Review

“Special” by Imabda1 Review
by Bri Lamontagne

SPECIAL” by Imabda1 is more Hip Hop than Rap, considering it’s slower lyrical style. This is a love song, though the vocals are somewhat rough and out of harmony, unlike most popular music – a style more common in the Country genre. The lyrics are well-written with a varied vocabulary, though. As the song continues the synth beat that comes in adds the Hip Hop feel to the song. The verse lyrics also use repetition to emphasize line endings, especially ones that almost rhyme like the first word “behold” and “alone” or “you” and “lose”.

The chorus is more like traditional Rap music in style, though the lyrics are still more romantic more than traditional Rap songs which usually focus more on the physical aspect of the relationship than the emotional aspect. They’re fast, but still slow enough to be easily understood, which I enjoy. It’s so fast I almost miss some of the references to pop-culture in the mix, but they’re there if you listen through a few times in a row. There’s something new to focus on each time.

While the Rap genre isn’t known for it’s emotional love songs, it’s nice to see it shifting. People in every walk of life go through these kinds of feelings or relationships, so it’s nice to see it finally starting to be represented in Rap music. I’m also glad it’s acceptable in modern music for men in every genre of music to be openly vulnerable in this way.

It’s short and sweet and well worth a listen.

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